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 "queer love forever. 
watch us grow. watch us thrive.our love is is magic and it is mighty."

i love our queer family. this album is a collection of images that celebrate and center our stories.

visibility is crucial. a visual learner myself, i grew up pouring over my mother's collection of annie leibovitz coffee table books. they were a place of solace and a window into so many worlds beyond the white, straight, upper-middle class suburbs where i lived. as a multiracial queer person, exposure to those images was medicine.

home//made is a project founded in visibility and reverence for these families and their stories. this is everyday life.
our home//made family photo album will continue to build, and will eventually become a book in which children and adults can see families just like theirs, and/or learn about people who live far beyond the bounds of their environment's imagination.


photo: kristen murakoshi


Perfect Lovers, Durham

Oakland 2023


Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland 
June - August, 2018

HERE. BEFORE : Art from a Contested Space
Defremery Hall, Oakland 
June, 2015


The Huffington Post

VICE magazine

BITCH magazine

San Francisco Chronicle

The Sun Magazine

Black Girl Dangerous

The East Bay Express

Current Work

Lead Photographer at Living in the Light, using documentary photography and medical narrative doing advocacy work for people living with rare diseases.

  • epli photography

Guilford College 2009

Photography & Community and Justice Policies

SALT Institute for Documentary Studies 2011


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